Fall Festival of Leaves

Bainbridge, OH

The last race of the 2000 season has held in a small, three traffic light town about two hours from Cincinnati called Bainbridge. The town holds an annual street festival called the Fall Festival of Leaves that draws quite a few people. The nearest hotel is about thirty minutes away in Chillicothe.

The race course was over a mile long. It started with a big sweeper that leads into a sharp right.

You can see one of the dips here, between the two telephone poles. This is what it looks like, at the bottom of the dip from a luge eye view.

Friday, Oct 20

Bainbridge is about two hours east of Cincinnati and about and hour and half south of Columbus. It was much cheaper for me to fly into Cincinnati. I arrived earlier on Friday, spent some time in the city, and then made the long drive to Bainbridge. I didn't get there until after dark, but I still checked out the hill. I ran into Bob Swartz, the mastermind behind the race, still putting hay on the track. If we hold this event again, it may be faster to take the interstate straight to Chillicothe.

Saturday, Oct 21

Why can't every hotel have continental breakfasts? It sure makes life easier. I arrive in Bainbridge fairly early, people are setting up the street festival. I find the school, about a block away. There's already about 30 people here. Waldo and Chris Chaput arrive about the same time I do. This is the wrong way to load two luges in a car.

I'm not exactly sure how they managed to squeeze the luges in there, I didn't stick around to find out how they got them out.

Bama was our tech inspector and starter. He brought his infamous gal Edna.

I don't think it was regulation size. 

We had quite a few amateurs.

During practice I get to the bottom and Waldo is jumping up and down, holding his side. He claimed he hit a dog THIS BIG. Turns out he hit a cat, and well, we can't say that no animals were harmed in the making of this race. Waldo ended up with bruised ribs.

When we broke for lunch a few of use walked (er rode) the two blocks to the festival.

Al went off in search of some Real Men Food.

The amateurs started first. Doug cross the finish line first.

The start line.

Podium time. Bob had some nice trophies.

It was now time to cleanup. Chris and Waldo learned their lesson, and figure out the correct way to transport two luges in a small car.

Thanks to Wild Bill for taking, and sending me a copy of the picture.