US Nationals


US Nationals

Barrett Junction, California

Barrett Junction is becoming a regular on the IGSA circuit. This was the third race held here this year. Barrett Junction is about 45 minutes east of San Diego, but just 4 miles from the Mexican city of Tecate. The race road parallels the freeway. Its about 2 miles long, with a couple of tight hairpins.

Friday, October 26

Today was practice day. Life was pretty mellow, as most of the riders were arriving and setting up throughout the morning. Chaput arrived early to bring out his plethora of toys.

Dave and Darren brought new pegless luges. Dave's was a modification of the Rogers Bros luge.

Practice finally got under way. We used Marcus' truck, pulling a trailer,

Many of the racers stayed either at the race site, or at the nearby RV park. I decided to stay in a hotel in San Diego, the 45 minute commute is a bit far.

Saturday, October 27

Today was qualifying day. Riders meeting was fairly short.

He took quite a few pictures, you may want to visit his site.

I've always loved the pit areas, they are fairly colorful. With boards, leathers, and sponsor banners. Ozman had his pit set across from the food vendor, where everyone could see it.

During practice, the chase vehicles would go to the top whenever they were full. But today, they wanted to send all of one discipline up at once. Sometimes it got crowded.

There are a lot of weeds out at the course. Some very near the course. I don't know how many times I whacked these weeds on the inside of the first turn.

Neil has been an incredible guy this year. He flew to the Ohio race to race, and ended up starting. He forwent racing at this race to start once again.

We had quite a large buttboard contingent.

This year we qualified in the daylight. Somehow its just not the same.

Qualifying was going fairly slow, as we only had one person on the course at a time. We ran out of time and decided to get a couple of practice runs in, instead of qualifying luge. It looks like no one wanted to miss a practice run.

Sunday, October 28

Since we didn't qualify yesterday we were going to qualify today. I got to the race site, jumped out of my van. Hit the button on the keys to open the back, tossed the keys into the car and shut the door. As the door slammed shut I realized that I had hit the lock button, instead of the door release button. I locked my leathers and luge into the van! And to make matters worse the trucks were heading out soon! I ran around trying to find a way into my car. Everyone said they could get in if they had a hanger, so I looked for a hanger. there here plenty of them, but they were plastic! There was even a locksmith on site! Turns out he only does house locks, and he didn't have his tools with him. Time was running out. Steve Pearl had extra equipment, so he loaned me a board and leathers! (Thanks Steve!) While Steve was getting me outfitted, Rahsad found a hanger and got my van unlocked. I got my leathers on, just in time to get on the van.

Something was wrong with Ozman's board. Apparently he wanted help in getting through the two right hand hairpins. So he put an 85 mm wheel on the left, and a 76 on the right!

Marcus figured out to run more than one rider on the course at a time. While it still took a while to run 25 riders, it was a lot faster than yesterday.

I thought he was going to tape himself to the board!

Kent also came out to take photos.

Kent has taken the best luge photos around. Check out his site.

IGSA introduced a new class "sport," which is essentially the amateur class.

The amateur's raced before lunch.

One of Barrett Junction's biggest drawbacks is its remoteness. American Civilization is about 45 minutes away. Although the cafe in Barrett Junction is quite good, its the only thing around. But this year we had catering on site!

The pro's raced after lunch. I was unable to get pictures of the Gravity Bikes and inliners, as I was practicing while they raced. But I did get some photo finishes.



Apparently, after the racing was over, and before the awards, there was time for some hijinks. Darren broke out with his new Cheese Nips leathers.

Bob Ozman

For the US Nationals Marcus had some really nice glasses made.

It was getting dark, so my podium shots didn't really come out.

Sport Gravity Bike:

Johnson, McIntyre, Waterhouse

Sport Street Luge:

Kaplan, James, Toleman


Ladurner, Merkert, Peer


Smouse, Freeman, Conner


Dave Rogers, Ozman, Lott

Gravity Bike:

Rodriguez, Garland, Brackens


Ruhman, McIntyre, Dave Rogers

Another race season was over (well I thought it was, there's going to be a race at WLAC in December) time to clean up.

They FILLED my carry on!