XGames VI


XGames V

San Francisco, CA

Once again the XGames were held in San Francisco. The street luge portion took place a weekend prior to the main event on Seal Rock Run, as this years games was only a five day event.

The race course started on a steep slope in a residential neighborhood. At the end of the slope there was a right turn on Geary Way. Another quarter of mile or so through a meandering street, with a hard left in front of the Cliff House with an awesome view of the Pacific Ocean. The course continued on to Pacific Highway to the finish line. This year the bottom of the course, from the Cliff House corner to the finish line had been repaved. Nice smooth asphalt, the riders loved it.

Friday, August 11

I arrived in San Jose early Friday morning. They moved the rental cars off site, and baggage was slow, it was well after 9 am before I got out of the airport. Good thing practice was starting late. Traffic was horrible, I finally arrived at the venue after 11 am, practice had already started.

A few shots of practice:


Grumpy had some problems in the Cliff House turn early on.

The gravity bikes showed up to do a demo, they also got some practice in.

During practice, Ozman got some early coachine in on the Good Morning America crew.

Saturday, August 12

After some practice qualifying started. A few of the riders watched the jumbo tron to spy on the other riders.

Wade knocks the other Rogers Bros out.

After the racing was over there was a dinner

Sunday, August 13

Throughout the weekend riders were interviewed in the Luge Lounge. Beagle interviews the winnter of the dual luge.

I tried some pan shots for today's practice.

The gravity bikers get some practice in.

It was time for the Super Mass, and the crowd is getting ready.

The first heat is off clean.

Oliver and Fryer got caught up in the first turn at the top. For the second time, Oliver, one of the top qualifiers is eliminated in the first round.

The racing gets tighter in round 2.

This was a very tight race with Bob just edging Lee out in the last few feet.

The last race of the day was a new event, King of the Hill. Taking past medal winners and pitting them together. Last years dual winner Dennis is followed closely by multi medal winner Biker and last year Super Mass winner Dave Rogers. Rat, Pereya, and Ponsetti round out the field.

Podium time. Bob, Lee, and John.

auldovertheroad.com that Dave Auld took while riding. I got a shot of the happy classic lugers at the bottom. [] Team Die Trying was posing for some shots. [[nid:755 view_mode=node_gallery_node_thumbnail clearfix">

After the racing was finish, I climbed up the the Sutro District.

It didn't take long to clean up.

An incredible weekend of racing was over. Many of the riders felt that this was one of the tightest racers, as well as a very friendly, joyous race. There were no major injuries. Time to clean up and go home.

Fun Day

Monday, August 14

I wasn't sure if I was going to the XGames, until Steve Pearl announce Fun Day. A gathering of riders at Dinosaur Point, about an hour and a half south of San Francisco. I get to see the games, and ride too? I was in.

Dinosaur Point is at Pacheco State Park

which is a reservoir, pretty much in the middle of nowhere. Actually its about a half hour east of Gilroy, CA. Gilroy hosts a world famous Garlic Festival, and the smell of Garlic is everywhere.

The course at Dinosaur Point is just under two and a half miles. The top speed is in the low 70's. The course is non technical, with a few big sweeps. It was pure fun. There was a long straight away in the middle of the course with a view of the lake.

About half the people there were first timers! In fact Steve just received his new Rogers Bros board. And he let a first timer ride it first! Steve didn't get a chance to ride in until the end of the day.

Steve did a great job of putting this event together. He got several people to put up prizes for a raffle.

Earlier in the day, someone looked in the cab of the chase truck, and made some comment about a dinosaur being back there. At first I thought they were making a jog about the name of the place, until I looked back there myself.

After the auction was over, I had to pack up and head back to San Jose, but first a stop at In & Out burgers, which caused me to almost miss the plane.

At had close to thirty riders thru ought the day. With a lot of new guys, including one in his 70's! It was a great mix of amateurs (meaning people who have ridden but never been to a race) and pros. I had a great time, and thank Steve for putting this together. Without this even I would have also missed the XGames.