Donner Downhill Festival


Donner Downhill Festival

Donner Pass, CA

EDI's first domestic race was held on Donner Pass between Soda Springs and Truckee on the portion of the road leading to Donner Ski Ranch,

about 45 minutes outside of Reno. Soda Springs is a small ski resort town that seems to consist of a gas station, hotel, and restaurant. The town was a few minutes from the ski resort. 

We rode on the hill leading from the ski resort to Truckee. The hill is about three miles long, but we only rode on a .7 mile section near the top. We didn't start on the top, because there was a bridge that they thought would be too dangerous for standup guys if we started at the top.

Saturday, June 16th

EDI appears to be trying something new this year. They will do all of streetluge on the one day, and gravity bikes and standup on the the other day. This weekend streetluge is first. We pit in the parking lot of the sky resort.

As usual there was some waiting around to do.

But Kurtis was DQ'd on the start line, so ends up back in fourth.

There were some problems with the trophies, so these were thrown together at the last minute.

Amateur Streetluge Podium:

Pro Streetluge Podium:

Back to the hotel to clean up for the nights party. Most of us stayed at the hotel in Soda Springs. The front of the hotel had a porch that all of the rooms led onto. I wonder who was staying in this room?

Sunday, June 17th

One nice thing about racing on one day, I get to sleep in the next day. I got to the hill in time to watch the Standup Qualifying.

Gravity Bike Podium:

Standup Amateur Podium:

Pro Amateur Podium:

I got to the race about 11 AM, the sky was clear.

I had to head back to Reno for a late flight out, but the fire was near the freeway so the freeway was closed! The 45 minute drive took over two hours!


The scenery was beautiful, and the weather was gorgeous. The ski resort seemed to love us, and the town didn't mind having the road closed. Personally I think the course was too short, but fortunately there were no injuries this weekend.