Ohio World Cup #2


Ohio World Cup #2

Bainbridge, Ohio

Bainbridge, about equidistant from Dayton, Cincinnati, and Cleveland is home to the Fall Festival of Leaves. A street fair that celebrates the turning of the leaves.

The festival draws quite a crowd over the weekend.

Within walking distance from the festival Jester Hill and the finish line of the course. Starting near the top of the hill, with a fabulous view of the changing colors.

The course begins with a long left hand sweeper. As it picks up speed the rider is confronted with a right hand hairpin. Once through the hairpin it is a high speed roller coaster rider to the finish. About half way down, there is a chicane, that in the wet requires breaking, then the course begins to level out before hitting the finish line. The speeds approach 70 mph.

Friday, October 15

It seems to be a recurring theme. I go to a street luge event, it rains. And once again, when I woke up, the streets were gleaming wet. There is an old school at the bottom of the course. We were able to use the cafeteria, to get out of the cold and the rain.

It took a while to get things going, apparently there was some issues with the course workers. Since I try not to ride in the rain, I worked the chicane near the bottom of the corner. Which meant standing out in the cold, windy rain, watch everyone spray water everywhere.

Saturday, October 16

The rain had stopped, and the weather wasn't to bad,

At lunch time, most of us went across the street, where cheerleaders for the local high school were selling food.




After lunch it was time to start qualifying.

And of course it took the rest of the afternoon to finish qualifying.

Sunday, October 17

Race day weather proved to be much better than the previous two days.

Racing started with Inline,  standup

Unfortunately I could only get one shot off, because my camera couldn't focus in the darkness.

It has time to give out the trophies.


Lambert, Peer, Focke

Dirt Surfers:

Dasilva, Rob Truman, Chase Truman

Gravity Bikes, faired:

Kessler, Ramirez

Gravity Bikes, stock:

Kessler, Burel, Ramirez


Burel, Barat, Edstrand


James, Lally, Zaccaro


James, Dean, Lally

Despite the wet weather, there were no major inuries. This is a fun, high speed course that was recently repaved. It is great to have the race the same as the Festival of Leaves, but the fall weather can be iffy. Hot and humid one day, cold and rainy another.