Swiss Championship


Swiss Championship

Altbüron, Switzerland

About an hour from Zurich, the rolling green hills  are dotted with small communities.

img_5719 Some have a hotel, a few a bakery, but most all have at least one restaurant. The surrounding country is filled with cow pastures and other varies fields. Just outside of Altbüron a twisty road heads down to one of the few bars in town.

The road is about a mile long. It starts with three switchbacks, the middle fairly interesting as you have to make a left before heading into the right handed switchback. The bottom half of the course is a fairly long and fast straights. Top speed at the finish is around 60 mph.

Thursday, July 1

I was spending some time in Europe, and was driving to Switzerland. I knew the event started July 1, but for some reason I thought it was a Friday to Sunday event. My plan was to arrive Thursday evening, get a hotel room, and hang out with the people who got there the day before. I pulled up Thursday afternoon as a truck was just taking a load of people to the top! The event started today. Well so much for getting any practice, not like I needed any. I hadn't been on my board since I broke my left June 2003.

I jump in my leathers and jump on the next truck.

Most of the riders camped at the camp ground

The "shower" is the hose you see in the left side of the pic.

I spent the remainder of the evening wandering around the campsites, and meeting the group of internationals. USA

Other people prepped for the next day, rebuilding their boards,

One of the cool things about this event, all meals were provided.

A short riders meeting was held,

The biggest issue was helmets. IGSA was passing a new rule about helmets. Some of the riders were upset as they felt the rule was too American biased. It is an odd rule, essentially it calls for stricter helmets for streetluge than for standup. The gist of the technical inspection was this event was a little more laid back, but the World Championships would be stricter.

Friday, July 2

Up and early, to free breakfast and rain. Leandar met the local "wildlife"

It didn't rain much once the riding started, but the course was still wet. I hung out at turn #2 and checked out some of the action.

After lunch the sky cleared.

After a delicious diner there was another riders meeting.

Saturday, July 3

Race day was a gorgeous day.

Because I was spending some time in Europe I decided to try and travel lighter and only brought my buttboard. So I go to watch almost all of the events


Between runs someone would entertain the crowd by taking short runs and doing some slide tricks.

I was only at the top for my one practice run

After the race was over, but before the prize giving. One of the local kids

The water was freaking cold, but we had a blast.

After everyone cleaned up we headed to the mess tent for the after party and prize giving. Things started out fairly mellow, some people were skating, some were tossing a Frisbee


Streetluge: Lacey, Chaperon ,Dekyndt

Buttboard: Huber, Dekyndt, Hodkinson

Standup: Haller, Freeman, Barat

Swiss Champion Standup: Siegrist

Gravity Bike: Kessler, Burel, Garcia

Sunday, July 4

A chance for everyone to sleep in, then tear down the camp and jump on the bus heading to Almabtrieb.

And then it off for a long drive to Germany.

This was a fairly laid back event. For me it was about having some fun. Because I missed practice I only got four runs in. Although it was the first time on my board since my accident a year ago, I was feeling fairly confident by the fourth run, wish I had a little more practice time. There were no major injuries.