Wally's Fun Run


Wally's Fun Run

Wheeling, West Virginia

Saturday, April 22

Rain. Lately it seems to happen every time I go to a street luge event. Rain. It was raining when I left Seattle yesterday morning, but I was thinking "sweet I'm going to head to the East Coast for some sun and luge." When I got to Washington DC for a layover, it was raining on the tarmac. No big deal I was thinking, the fun run is a couple hours away. Different weather patterns. Couple of hours later, when I landed in Pitt, it was just pouring. Now I am a bit worried, hoping that the hour drive to Wheeling will get us out of the deluge. But if nothing else, I'll hang out with a bunch of friends...

As I went to bed last night, I was told it was supposed to rain all day today, and be nice tomorrow. I woke up to gray overcast sky, with wet roads. Didn't look promising. I spent the night in Pittsburgh at Tony's. Dr No, Kim and I got up early to head down to Wally's for Breakfast. Tony and Victor decided to sleep in a catch up later.

We got down the famous Wally Homestead in Wheeling, West Virginia, just after 8 o clock, and found out that most of the bacon and eggs were already gone! Roland showed up a few minutes later and start handing out green tshirts.

And the roads were drying up!

Around 10:30 we jumped into 7 vehicles

Concrete has completely different braking than asphalt! The concrete really grips, would make for some interesting cornering.

After taking several runs, we moved to the "next" run, Military. About half way down the hill we were on, the road splits off and heads up to some sort of military base. With this run, we only hit speeds of about 45, but it gave us a nice hard 90 degree left. And it was the first time we put effort into closing the road. We had a person at the bottom and one person at the intersection. I think we stopped on car on each trip down, but only for a few minutes each time. We did this run twice, and decided we had stopped enough traffic, and it was on to the next road. Before heading out, there was a short pitstop at the airport terminal, where some of the riders greeted some fans.

Next up on the agenda was the park. In the middle of this large park, there was a nice road connecting some soccer fields and tennis courts to the rest of the park. The road was about a mile long with a hard left and a pretty tight switchback near the bottom.

After hitting the park run several times, we decided to grab a bite to eat, and regroup. We had a total of 8 vehicles, several vans and a couple of trucks transporting everyone. We had one van for all of our luges,

and converged back at Wally's.

We decided to head to the local drag strip. What a better place to race two luges? Who says you need gravity. We thought the drag strip was just over the hill and through the forest, but we drove and we drove, and found the strip out in the middle of no where. We took over the stands

Bob won the first race, Roland claims he missed the starting lights! Unfortunately Bob's jet wouldn't start up, the glow plug was having problems. Bob had to bow out, while Roland took a few more runs. Unfortunately the track was only 1/8 of a mile, and both powered luges are slow off the line. I  think they were hitting about 45 at the 1/8 mile.

It took us so long to drive out to the drag strip, we decided to call it a day.  We unloaded the van onto the lawn,

As I went to bed, it started to rain!

Sunday, April 23

I woke up to the smell of bacon! I expected a lot more people would be up, but I managed to be one of the first non cookers up, and after a quick shower enjoyed a lovely home cooked bacon and egg and french toast breakfast. Thank you Patty!

It had rained off and on through out the night, and the streets were still wet, but the clous were already breaking. It looked like it would be a great day. Since some people would be taking off and heading home early in the afternoon, the plan was to hit a few roads then head back to the park for the rest of the day.

The first set of roads we hit, entered into a valley.

One of the locals got upset when we stopped traffic. So we decided we were done, and hopped into our vehicles and left. We regrouped at the local gas station, and decided to try the park again. As we were getting set up, the park ranger drove by, waved at us and continued on his way. We got to the bottom, only to find another person wasn't too happy. We decided it was time to leave, as the park was just too busy, with the sun shinning.

Our last stop of the day was a wide open, high speed, nice long road dubbed Firehouse. We had another quick riders meeting,

We went back to Wally's had left overs from last nights scrumptuos dinner. Most people packed up and began to head out for the long drive home.

This was a fine way to start the season off. We got to hit a half dozen very fun runs, and hang out with a bunch of cool people. I don't think anyone was injured, past a few cuts and bruises. I would like to thank Wally and Patty for organizing the outing, and putting up with over 20 people running through their house!