Madison County Gravity Fest VI


Madison County Gravity Fest VI

Munnsville, New York

Snuggled in the rolling hills of upstate New York amongst enormous windmills lies the tiny village on Munnsville. Munnsville is a one light town.

One of the roads going through the one traffic light leads to East Hill, the road used for the MCGF for the fourth time. The course is just over a mile long, starting off with a gentle right. Speeds pick up to the mid fifties heading into a hard left hand turn. A good portion of the course is mostly a straight building up speed heading into Crash Corner. Crash Corner is an almost 180 degree hair pin to the right, followed immediately by a hard left to the finish.

Friday, July 27

Things aren't looking good, its been raining all day today. And raining HARD. This afternoon I drove over to visit Busse and Fryer, the rain was coming down so hard, I almost had to stop! The rain cleared up, a in time for the parade. As we all gathered in Ferris's parking lot,

Stacey Allen, broke her back in a luge accident two years ago, showed up to hang out. It was wonderful to see Stacey, I think it was the first time I saw her since I broke my leg in 03.

The powered luges were going to open the parade. Roland just finishing building a new larger luge this year

After the parade I was hoping to get a chance to visit the festival, but it had closed early due to the rain. The plan was to have dinner at the festival, instead we visited the Fort, in the next town over. After dinner we all hung out at the campground. The campground was provided free by the local Legion.

The party died down around midnight, it is going to be an early start tomorrow.

Saturday, July 28

I was hoping everything would start on time, so I got to the track early. I stopped at crash corner

crash owed me a DVD. I got a chance to see the infamous cherry picker up close. [] I usually see this up in the air, as I fly by underneath it. [[nid:4882 view_mode=node_gallery_node_thumbnail clearfix">

Our pit area was in the front yard of the family at the top of the hill. The FLA boys always bring a set of flamingo lawn ornaments, and leave them behind. Over the years, the flock has grown quite large.

Of course things didn't get start on time. Registration got started late.

We got a couple of practice runs in, before a break for lunch.

After lunch we took our regular parade run, then went into racing, starting with rookie luge

Everyone that wasn't racing was allowed a practice run. The pro buttboard race finished up the day. I raced well, but couldn't get around Fryer or Dean. Fryer hit the first hard left perfectly, and was pulling away from me in that turn. I took third.

After the racing was over Roland Morrison sponsored a BBQ

 We finally had the awards ceremony with some pretty cool awards.

We were all pleasantly surprised to discover pro buttboard was paid down to 10 places!

Rookie Luge:

Parks, Buono, Hicks

Am Butboard:

Filiatrault, Novak, Carden

Pro Buttboard:

Fryer, Dean, McBride

The party continued after the awards ceremony, but was dieing fast. Paul was thinking about getting back into buttboarding. 

Sunday, July 29

The morning started off a bit foggy, but the road was dry. We also got underway much earlier than we did yesterday, but we also have a lot more to get through. There are quite a few standup riders, over 30. We started off with a quick riders meeting.

Racing start with Am luge.

Before lunch we were going to run the bucket brigade. I'm not exactly sure what Fryer was doing

Neil started off listing the rules, but after some cajoling from the racers, it was decided there would be no rules. I left the two bottles of water in my suit. The one rule we did use, was you had to get the bucket at the line, thus negating Fryer's shenanigans. We also decided to run one team of all standup riders!

I was to run the final leg, which started just before crash corner. It looked like my teammate arrived in third place. I hopped on my buttboard and got a push. I had two bottles of water stuffed in my suit, so as I'm going down the course I start refilling my bucket with water. There is also one person in front of me. It didn't make since, I hadn't passed anyone. Tony was in front, sitting up. I was laying down, and managed to pass him. I thought I had to be the first person to Kim, who was measuring the buckets. So I stopped as soon as I could, and lost a bit of water. Turns out, I didn't need to stop so quickly, but I don't think it matter as Tony had quite a bit more water than I did.

We broke for lunch, to let the course dry.

Lunch, if you bought it, was a delicious chicken.

Racing started back up with the finish of Am Luge.

We finally filmed the segment!

I wanted to watch the standup,

Pro Luge finally got under way.

There were 18 riders, so there were some 5 man heats. In my first 5 man heat, I got out in the lead, and was passing Bob going into the hard left, when Smirtc slammed into the back of me. All three of us hit the hay, making quite a mess. Smirtc damaged his body work, and I ended up in 4th. With the GSI point system, taking a last place pretty much guarantees a finish outside of the podium. Turns out, if I finished first or second in this heat, I might have podiumed.

The run offs hadn't been calculated for either standup or streetluge. So the gravity bikes raced.

The runoffs were finally calculated, and the standup runoffs were started, started from worst. All but, the last runoff, between 3rd and 4th were run. But the race had to be called at 8pm, because we only had the road to 8. So there were no run offs in luge, and the podium wasn't decided in standup. In luge the first three places didn't require a run off, but there were several multi way ties from 4-10.

Everyone cleaned

It was finally time for the awards.


Desmarais, Jean, Peck

Am  Luge:

Hicks, Kamink, Parks

Inline Board:

Chartrand, Raza, Whalen

Pro Luge:

Fryer, Busse, Dean

Both Standup and Pro Luge were paid down 10 places! After the awards, the 50/50 raffle was awarded,

As soon as the awards were over, most people took off, to head home, as it was fairly late.

The weather turned out to be incredible, despite all of the rain on Friday, it sprinkled Saturday during lunch, otherwise the weather was incredible. In fact it was hot on Sunday. As always the race is incredible, with a great deal of support from the town. Although it was VERY disappointing that the race was actually unfinished. With the amount of work this town puts it this race, I feel as it is my duty as a racer to attend the race. I don't think there were any major injuries this weekend!