Go Fast Speed Days


Go Fast Speed Days

Eastbourne, England


The course started just up the road from Beachy Head Pub,

Thursday, September 11

I spent most of the day checking out a nearby castle.

After grabbing a drink at the pub a few of us headed into town for dinner.

Friday, September 12

People were allowed to camp on the grass in front of the pub,

We finally got underway.

Unfortunately the stairs were fairly steep, I almost got clocked in the head several times by the luge in front of me.

As we got ready to go, I noticed that there were a few cameras around.

With a smaller field than other World Cups, and a short half mile course, practice was moving along fairly quickly.

If the weather holds up over the weekend, we should have a decent sized crowd.

Because of the late start, there was no lunch break. IGSA is also trying to move to two days of qualifying, with one qualifying run one day, and second run the next day. Even though Speed Days is a three day event, it will still follow this pattern. With standup qualifying running immediately after lunch, a few of the standup guys skipped the last practice run for lunch,




Bangers and mash, how much more British can you get?

Standup was the first group to qualify.

The Beachy Head Pub provided a special menu for the riders. Most of the riders packed into the pub for dinner. Unfortunately this meant it too a while for everyone to be served. After dinner, for the brave few was night riding!

The course had a few lights on it.

I got three runs in, when they decided to shut the night runs down. This will be interesting if they get a few more lights on the road next year.

Saturday, September 13

The morning started off incredibly beautiful.

that brought us back to the top, when drive up the road, then take the back way and meet us at the bottom. Some times though, we managed to get everyone down before the busses made it to the bottom!

At lunch time people checked out the results from the first round, before they prepared for the second qualifying run.

in order to try and get everything finished up early enough to give people a chance to prepare for the party.

I got to the party about a half hour late,

(luge was also led by a Pete, coincidentally.) After the awards ceremony people started to leave the party, although a few partied until the bar closed at 1 AM.

Sunday, September 14

Race day started off as another beautiful day.

Norm, Chris from Go Fast and Tom Worsely were instrumental in getting Go Fast Speed Days up and running. We started off with a few warmup runs.

Last year we shared the road with a large group of soap box derbies. I think they had a different race this weekend, but one group decided to come and run. They were shooting for a record. Their goal was 60 MPH, and they had to achieve it at an official event.

The car was designed and built by a high school class.

Street luge started off the racing. In my semi final run I was in fourth behind Wagner and Gilder. As we entered the turn, I had enough speed to overtake them, but it looked like they had tangled up and were going to slam into the wall. For me to pass them, I would be passing them about the time they rebounded from the wall. I slowed down to miss the wreck, when the two of them managed to untangle themselves and not wreck. The finish was close, but I didn't transfer. In the consolation I had a bad start, later someone told me that I had a late start. Not sure why I had a late start.

Classic ran second.

Unfortunately, while the weather was relatively nice, especially for the time of year, and it wasn't rain, it was a little chilly. The racing ran late and people started to leave. Most people missed the standup finals.

The awards ceremony was held shortly after the racing was over. The awards were given away on top of the ramp, which looked good, but made it difficult to photograph.

Inline Board:

Matland, Jaggard, Chapman

Graivty Bike:

Bailey, Rulleau, Harrison


Serek, Labarthe, Zaccaro

Street Luge:

Dean, Zaccaro, Wagner

Women's Standup:

Engstrand, Murgalo, Edwards


Smith, Connolly, Sanne

After the awards ceremony the winners were asked to autograph some jerseys.

Everyone else started to pack up and head home. I think most people wanted to try and make it home tonight, so there were only a hand full of us ending up at the pub for dinner.

Speed Days is an interesting event. The road itself isn't that challenging, we were hitting speeds in the low 50s with only one hard turn. This year the course was exactly half a mile. But the location is spectacular, with plenty of space for the spectators. It is only about an hour from London. With Go Fast behind the event, there was plenty of media. Footage of the event was shown on news broadcasts around the world.