About Time McBride!

January first of 2001 I brought chrismcb.com online. When I first got into street luge I spent months poring over the handful of luge pictures that were online. I decided that I would take lots of pictures at the races and post them online. I also really enjoyed the events, and wanted to share that excitement with others. At the time I wanted the website to be simple, and not have any fancy javascript stuff. But now pretty much every website has some sort of javascript, and with several good browsers to choose from their is no reason not to have a site that runs some javascript.

One of the biggest complaints I got about my website was having to click back to return to the article after clicking on a picture. For years I wanted to redo my website, and handle the photos properly. For a while I didn't feel like writing the code myself, then I decided I didn't want to take the time needed to convert it.

A couple of months ago I came to a break in another project and decided to start redoing this site. I figured it would take a couple of weeks, and it would be done. I discovered that many of my slide scans were bad, and the sizes on the website were too small. And somehow over the years I manage to lose the original scans. I rescanned all of my slides (I think a few need to be rescanned again) including some that I hadn't scanned before. This took some time, then all of the content had to be converted to this new format.

When I first brought this website online I had about 500 photos. Since then I've added over 14,000 more!

In addition I finally wrote the stories on my first few events back in 1998. Its been too long, so I ventured from the formats for my other stories. Just put down some of what I still remember!

I hope to write a few more articles, especially for the how to section. And I might try to get the stories done a little quicker. I might even be able to write them on the road!

So please read the stories, check out the pictures and feel free to leave some comments.

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