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Chris McBride

In 1997 I saw the XGames for the first time. I have no idea how I missed the first two games, but I saw streetluge for the first time and I loved it. I started to search the web for information and found a couple of sites. This was before and I did find a pointer to RAIL, and became a member. I started to build my own luge. I contacted John Lewis, web master of the He hooked me up, and we went riding with some local pros, Kurtis Head, Lee, Lugentsteind, and Lewis. As far as experienced teachers go, if your not in Southern California, the next best place to be was up here in Seattle. Kurtis and Lee taught me a lot and gave my some suggestions on how to improve my board.

I was off to my first race, Castaic Lake in early 1998. The race was canceled, due to the course being washed out. I went to LA anyways, and a bunch of people went to Templin, I think we had about 40 people the first day. I was hooked when I was going through one of the corners with about a dozen other riders. I had riders all around me, what a blast.  My last run down, Sunday evening resulted in a broken arm. It was a stupid mistake. I went wide on a turn to get around a wreck in front of me, and hit a small rock in the road. I lost control and slammed into a boulder. Word of advice, NEVER EVER HIT ANYTHING if you can avoid it.

My first race was NSLA's race in Asheville, NC. I continued racing as an amateur, mainly with NSLA. I raced as an amateur at EDI's first race at Mammoth.

I took second in the Super Mass. I think I could have down better if I hadn't broke my finger in practice.

In 1999 I took fifth at the first NSLA race of the season, on Mt. Cheaha. I got another fifth place am finish at the next NSLA race in Madison Indiana. I was doing great and was pretty happy with my results when I placed 18th at Santa Rosa. I worked the starting line at the XGames. I was pretty stoked about events. After returning from the games, a bunch of us went out riding. One week before NLSA had two races planned, and two weeks before EDI's Mammoth race. We went out riding, and hit some new hills. Stupidly I hit the road harder than I should have, ran off the road and broke my arm. Turns out if I had raced at Mammoth, chances are I could have made it to the first Gravity Games.

This was a turning point for me, three broken bones in two years. I almost quit, but I really enjoyed the sport. So I gave it another shot. 2000 was a down year, mainly because I wasn't ready after my broken arm. I was out of shape, and I didn't push as hard on the course. Fortunately I came out of 2000 without any injuries, and only a couple of wrecks.

I hit the race scene hard in 2001. I had decided to go overseas for one trip. I couldn't decide between DHX and Hot Heels. Auld convinced me (thankfully) to go to Hot Heels while I was at DHX. I knew that Hot Heels was a technical road, and I wasn't a very good technical rider. But Auld convinced me if I liked DHX I would love Hot Heels. DHX was one of the best events I every went to, live TV and 30 thousand screaming fans! Hot Heels is something completely different. I fell in love with both places. And to top it off I got an eighth at Hot Heels, my best finish ever.

I also decided to go to Aviemore and France. I left North America for the first time in 2001, and ended up leaving three times. I still can't figure out why I waited so long to travel. 2001 was a great year, international travel, Big Air, and invite to the Gravity Games, and I finished 12 in IGSA!

2002 was the best of times and the worst of times, for me and the sport. I started strong in 2002. New leathers, new board. I visited all the same races, and had some good finishes. In fact I ended up 5th in IGSA. Got another invite to the Gravity Games, but turned it down to go to Big Air. At Big Air I had a horrible wreck, breaking an arm, a leg, and a nose! Although my bones were still healing, I ended up racing at the end of the year taking a second place on buttboard!

I hope to continue in 2003, but its going to be hard, as I am still rehabing my injury.

I spewed a cherry bomb doing about 70. Fortunately the road was a straightaway, and it was a rear wheel.


A few pics of me near various roads I've ridden.

Templin Hwy 1998

My first event was Templin Hwy in 1998.  

Madison, 1999

St George, 2000

Near Mt Vernon, WA

Again in 2007

2000 Streets of San Francisco, First jump.

Taken by Kent Kochheiser.

Big Air Contest. 

Taken by Kent Kochheiser.

Cape Town, South Africa for Red Bull DHX

Cape Town, South Africa for Red Bull DHX

Cape Town, South Africa for Red Bull DHX

St. George, 2001. This year I did buttboard too. 




Bainbridge, OH 2001

Bainbridge, OH 2001  First Pro Podium

Gravity Games III 


Thanks to a business trip, I got to ride with the BodRodz down Georgia way.

Red Bull DHX 2002, Cape Town, South Africa

Red Bull DHX 2002, Cape Town, South Africa

Red Bull DHX 2002, Cape Town, South Africa

Red Bull DHX 2002, Cape Town, South Africa


Highland Wheels Extreme 2002, Aviemore, Scotland

Highland Wheels Extreme 2002, Aviemore, Scotland

Talimena Drive 2002, Oklahoma

Hot Heels, Kaunertal, Austria 2002.

 Swiss Championship 2002

Talimena Drive 2003, Oklamhoma 


Talimena Drive 2003, Oklamhoma 

Ahlmabtrieb, Auerburg, Germany 2004

Hitting my goal

Bukolic Freeride, Les Avants, Switzerland 2004

Pics from Chamrouuse and Altburon by

Pics from Chamrouuse and Altburon by

Pics from Chamrouuse and Altburon by

Belgium Freeride, Belgium 2004

Ohio World Cup, Bainbridge, Ohio 2004

Ahlmabtrieb, Jungholz, Austria 2005 

European Championship, Altburon, Switzerland 2005 

Downhill Jamboree, Chamrousse, France 2005

Downhill Jamboree, Chamrousse, France 2005

Downhill Jamboree, Chamrousse, France 2005

Madison County Gravity Fest, Munnsville, New York 2005 


Åre Mountain Games, Sweden 2006

Teufelsberg, Berlin 2006

COASH, Switzerland 2006

Madison County Gravity Fest, Munnsville, New York 2006 


Top Challenge, Montreal Canada 2006


Almabtrieb, Jungholz, Austria 2007

Alpspeed, Thun, Switzerland 2007 

Madison County Gravity Fest, Munnsiville, New York 2007

Paskapoo Downhill Rodeo, Calgary, Canada 2007

Speed Days, Eastbourne, England 2007 

Maryhill Festival of Speed, Goldendale, Washington 2007

Newton's Playground, Bathurst, Australia 2008 

Rock n Roll, Thalgau, Austria 2008

Go Fast Speed Days, Eastbourne 2008 

Practice run in Rio, Brazil 2008

Malarrara Pro, Teutonia, Brazil 2008 

Peyragudes, France 2009 

Graveyard Call, Argonay, France 2009 

Padova Grand Prix, Teolo, Italy 2009

Eastbourne Speed Days, Eastbourne, England 2009

Malarrara Pro, Teutonia, Brazil, 2009 


Malarrara Pro, Teutonia, Brazil, 2009 

Newton's Playground, Bathurst, Australia 2009