Chris McBride

Chris McBride

Seattle Area




Work Experience:

            Fibo Technologies 4/2022 – current

                        Senior Software Engineer

                                    Worked on backend for a brokerage using Web 3 technologies. Implemented blockchain listener in python. Other technologies included kafka, postgre, microservices.


            Google 9/2018 – 4/2022

                        Senior Software Engineer

Wrote internal tools for BigQuery utilizing c++, Java, and Python. Main project was writing a BigQuery client library for c++.


            BillMo 1/2015 – 8/2018

Senior Software Developer – remote

Architected and wrote main BillMo mobile application using Xamarin Forms and C#. Responsible for all aspects of the mobile client app on both Android and iOS.


            CPR 4/2014 - 1/2015

Senior Software Lead

Backend work in C#, with some front end, HTML and CSS.

Maintaining and rewriting online solar calculator, use lidar, solar estimates, and actual electric rates to show savings of using solar.

Managed a small team.


            Vamo Labs 9/2013 - 4/2014

Senior Software Developer

Backend work in Python, with some front end, HTML and CSS. Communicating with 3rd party providers via SOAP and REST APIs.

Internal tools, including one to process and resize our photos.

The web application use Flask and SQLAlchemy, and runs on Heroku with Postgres, MongoDB, and memcahced backing.


Oyster 9/2009 – 6/2013

Senior Software Developer – remote

Backend work in C/C++ and Python, created REST APIs and server side code to support the website and iPad app.

Implemented a credit card processing system to sell hotel rooms, and communicate with third party hotel room providers.

Developed an iPad app, in Objective C, to showcase the website on the iPad. iPad app downloaded photos from S3 and communicated with our REST API.

Original development was shared with one other developer. Worked on additional features and polish as sole developer.

Designed and implemented a distributed system to resize images using a linux instance on AWS; EC2, SQS and S3 systems.

Worked on internal website and internal tools.

Webserver used framework with Postgres and nginx backing.


Compucom 9/2005 – 6/2009

Senior Software Developer

Rapid prototyping in C#; a calendaring system for Kitchen PC, a recipe system for the second version of Kitchen PC, and a classroom administration system involving both C# and Sharepoint.

Worked in Center for Software Excellence using prefix and prefast tools to discover and fix security bugs including buffer overruns and integer overflows.

Worked on the Hardware Innovations Team. Wrote UMDF/Sideshow drivers, and code to talk to the drivers in C++ for Real Time Email Notifications.


Microsoft 1/1995 – 4/2004

Senior Software Developer

2001 – 2003 Office 11: Member of the UI team. Implemented an ActiveX container to host controls inside of new Office UI. Help translate command bar icons from 16 bit color to full color, by writing several console applications in C++.

1999 – 2001 Office 10: Member of the UI team. Created a dialog to run server side UI, by writing an OLE server to host a web browser control, written in C++.

1997 – 1999 Office 9: Member of the UI team. Received a patent for method and system of quickly customizing the command bars.  Maintained the command bars engine, and added some new controls, in C++.

1995 – 1997 Office 97: Member of the UI team working on command bars. Wrote code in C++ which converts command bars into normal system menus for OLE and Mac menus. Implemented the command bar object model for XL 4 macros and VB.


Microsoft 6/1993 – 8/1993

            Software Developer Intern

            Wrote C++ console application to port obj files to PowerPC.


RSP 5/1992 – 10/1992

            Software Developer

            Worked on a Super Nintendo game in 65c816 assembly.




Patents 6,278,450 and 6,133,915: System and method for customizing controls on a toolbar.



University of Arizona:  Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Graduated 6/1994