We have two or three days between races, and we generally try to go someplace cool. Someplace on the way to the next race. It splits the train trip up, and gives us some more places to see. Sometimes we plan it out, and sometimes we wing it. Today we wung it (or rather we did yesterday.) Our goal was Lake Constance, a large fresh water lake on the border between Germany and Switzerland. It is a big resort destination, and I figured it would be the perfect place to relax between Almabtrieb and Graveyard Call.

With only three days between the events, it meant we only had one day of free time. We left Almabtrieb later than we planned and we only made it as far as Ulm. We slept in, and lazed around the hotel room before heading out for lunch. We discovered that today was an unusual holiday in Ulm. A big concert would take place in the evening.

There is also a munster with a large steeple. I climbed up the 500+ foot steeple, and noticed a large armada of boats on the river. The river banks were full of people watching, and the armada was made up mostly of small rafts and boats with people enjoying themselves. Tossing water on the spectators and other boats. There were also a few floats (literally) something you would see in a parade. I made it down to the water to catch the tail end of the boats.

On my way back to the hotel, I noticed the whole town was gearing up for the festival. I got back to the hotel and picked up my fellow travellers. We headed out, aiming for the main stand. The pedestrian area was already packed, and the entrance to the main stand was backed up. We decided to walk around, and found another stage. We ate a Donner from one of the makeshift stands, and listened to some music and watched the crowd, who was just jammed packed together.

After we finished our dinner, we decided to walk around the Munster. We passed several small DJ stands, and another outdoor stage. This one was playing mellower music, and was surrounded by older folk. After grabbing some delicious gelatio we discovered a back way into the main stage that had fewer people trying to get in. We had to wait a few minutes before getting in, but we got in.

The main stage was in front of the Munster. When we got there a lovely lady was playing a violin to dance music, and it sounded good. Then a DJ played some tunes. After dancing for a bit the music mellowed out and some fire dancers came on stage.

We stayed for a while longer, listening to some more music, before we decided it was time to head in, we have an early start in the morning.

But go figure, we randomly stop in Ulm, the one day of the year they are having a party.

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