The pleasure of travelling by train through Europe

We left Prague this morning with the intent of going to Munich for two days. The original plan was to take a train to Nuremburg and then another train to Munich. With our rail passes this would be no problem. But we were travelling with two people who needed to purchase tickets. They were told it would be cheaper to take the same train to Nuremburg but get off at Schwandorf and take a train from their to Munich.

Well there were several delays along the way and we got to Schwandorf about a half hour late. It looks like the train we were planning on taking was also late as it was pulling away as we pulled in. So we had to wait about an hour for another train. This train took us to Regensburg where we had another transfer and finally arrived in Munich about 8:30.

The tourist office closed at 8:00. So we grabbed our skateboards and hit the street, looking for a hostel. The first was booked, the second was booked but suggested a third. On a whim we checked a fourth, which was also booked before heading to the third. The third had one double room left, which wouldn't work for six people. It was a little further away and I didn't want to get two people stuck there and the rest of us on the other side of town. But this hostel explained there was a big football tournament going on and most of the rooms in the city would be booked. As we talked their final room was booked online!

We got back to the train station to figure out what to do. We thought maybe we could catch an overnight train to our next destination, but that was all full. I was looking up rooms online, and found one site offer rooms for six people for about $1000. We were also running out of time for the trains as they basically stop running at midnight at it was now about 10:00pm! I suggested we catch that 11:00 train back to Nuremberg, about an hour away. This would allow us to still use our rail passes. We found a  cheap hotel online for $85 for a double room. We booked the room, bought the two tickets we needed and were on our way. We went back to Nuremberg, the city our first train was heading. We could have got here about seven hours ago! Well at least we have a bed now. I guess we'll check out Nuremberg tomorrow.

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